Alison Tegan


I’m so excited to introduce myself as a South African beauty and health blogger from the vibrant city of London, United Kingdom. I’m also a proud transgender woman.

My blog is all about promoting self-love and self-acceptance. I believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their skin, regardless of gender identity. My posts often focus on body positivity, self-care, and mental wellbeing.

I also love sharing advice and tips on health, fitness, and nutrition. Taking care of our bodies is so important, both physically and mentally.

So whether it’s finding the perfect skincare routine or nourishing our bodies with nutritious meals, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on my blog.

Join me on this journey as we explore the world of beauty, wellness, and mental wellbeing together. Let’s celebrate diversity and spread the message of love and acceptance!

Please feel free to email me anytime at, or find me on Instagram. Thank you so much for reading.